Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sight Word Game

Suzy is not adept at sight words yet, so I wanted a FUN computer game to increase her abilities with it. A google search turned up a lot, but most games weren't that exciting or were not free. I wanted it to be incremental - not too many words at a time, or in some unorganized manner. I want it to teach her to recognize the word and also to be able to spell the word.

Here's what I found that she liked and met my requirements:

It takes you to the main screen, which has an option to buy. However, everything I clicked around on in the games worked fine. Start here, if it doesn't work from the main screen.

There are some printable resources as well.

[EDITED TO ADD - It appears that only the first 3 levels are free. If we work through those levels and they are effective, we'll probably buy the program if I haven't found anything better. I really like it and Suzy liked doing it. More than that though, it seems like it will really help.

EDITED AGAIN - A friend found a promotional code WSBJ which should bring the price down to $20 a year. I haven't tried it yet.]

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