Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lesson Planning Solution

Just a quick post for those of you who were losing sleep or becoming depressed over my lesson planning issues. (KIDDING! lol)

Anyway, I imported some of the lessons into my word processor so that I could use the text. (By the way, my word processor is from OpenOffice.org - It is free and easy to use, comparable to leading office software suites. Did I mention it was FREE?)

Then I downloaded Donna Young's Excel Weekly Planner and input the information into that for the kids. (I used OpenOffice.org's spreadsheet program rather than Excel. Again, remember it's FREE. And it is powerful. Works just like the leading brand! hehe)

I also wrote out a list of what I expect to plan for which subjects each day of the week, so I end up with balanced time for the subjects and also for the computer.

I feel FAR more on top of this now. It isn't going to make me a transcript, but that's ok. I have printed out assignment sheets and will be able to do so each week.

Oh, btw, the school-assignment software I downloaded must need a registration key because I couldn't fully install it. Ah well. Maybe I can contact someone there and see about that, but for now, I am set.

I am going to write to Edu-Track and let them know about my issues and see if they'll refund all or some of my investment.

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