Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day Treasure Hunt

As per my earlier post, we did a treasure hunt today as one of our "First Day" activities. My younger two (ages 6 and 8) worked together on a rhyming treasure hunt. (They apparently both need some reinforcement on RHYMING words - one of the many skills that evidently disappeared during the long hot summer.)

My older two (ages 11 and 13) worked on a Bible treasure hunt. They looked up a reference and had to deduce from the reference where the next clue (another reference) was hidden.

After some intense searching (and some confused clues!), the teams ended up on the porch to find their new school supplies and a treasure box (dollar store!) filled with candy and interesting things.

They brought it inside to divvy up the booty. Lots of fun!

In case you are wondering why my younger son is in PJ's - he was running a fever today. I know - bummer for the First Day - but we went ahead with our plans anyway and he did ok.

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Anonymous said...

Your first day looks and sounds marvelous! Your children are very blessed to have such a creative mother! Love, Mom