Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 1 of co-op

Today was the first session of our homeschool co-op. This year we are meeting for 14 sessions, every other Friday, September through April (no meetings in December).

I am teaching 2 classes:
Glass Slipper - We will travel around the world by exploring different versions of the Cinderella tale (and other fairy tales) through picture books and activities. The class will compose an original Cinderella tale and publish it. We will finish our class with a Ball!

Written & Illustrated By - Students will create publishing companies, then each will write and illustrate an original book. The class series will end with a book-binding session or two.

My kids each have five classes. I posted their class choices before - HERE. The only change is that David has Open Gym first hour. They much enjoyed their first day!


Denise said...

Your area's co-op sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

We had a nice first day, too!