Monday, August 3, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook - August 3

For Today... August 3, 2009

Outside my window... James's bike, the meter reader guy walking across the neighbor's lawn and that neighbor watering his shrubs, our empty recycle bin and trash cans

I am thinking... about the dangers our children face as they get older.

From the learning rooms...Pretty much at a standstill. Maybe I'll offer an incentive this week for Sun and Fun.

I am thankful for... my parents!

From the kitchen... nothing special.

I am wearing... JEANS (can you believe it? Aug 3! Jeans!) and my 'soccer mom' navy blue tee, bare feet with hot pink toenail polish, wet hair that I just cut myself, no makeup yet

I am reading... Everybody's Normal Until You Get to Know Them by John Ortberg and Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell (I keep wondering what's so groundbreaking about his stuff; it seems pretty straightforward to me) and still listening to Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon. (It's long long long and I don't get too much time for audio.)

I've been watching... King Arthur, Perfect Strangers Season 1, Knowing, Flash of Genius, John Adams Disk 1

I am hoping... that David's missions trip is LIFE-CHANGING in a positive way.

I am creating... an organizational system for the girls' room

I am hearing... an audiobook (Double Fudge?) playing upstairs in James' room, Bob talking and walking back into the kitchen, Emily and Suzy fussing at each other.

Around the house... it's quiet since David is gone on his trip.

One of my favorite things... hearing the leaves rustle in the breeze

A few plans for the rest of the week... James has soccer camp Mon-Fri evenings (Suzy declined to sign up), I plan to take EVERYTHING except furniture out of the girls' room and clean and organize it. If we get a really nice day, maybe we will drive over to Lake Huron or visit the waterpark. Other than that, it's WRITING work this week. And helping Bob with job apps.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.
I decided to look at my cell phone pix and found these I'd forgotten about. At our Family Camp week, friends of ours cooked a turkey like this and invited a bunch to come and share dinner. It was TASTY!

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