Sunday, August 30, 2009

When Will We Start?

When are you starting?

That's the question everyone's asking!

Some people have already started, even way up north here in Michigan. But not us! We're not hitting the books just yet.

A lot of my friends are beginning their lessons on the day after Labor Day - September 8th - but not us! I am going to a book sale on 9/8 and another on 9/9. Trying to make some money!

We will have our first "official" day on 9/10. Our first day is traditionally ice cream sundaes for lunch and a treasure hunt to find our new school supplies. 9/11 is our first day of our new co-op year.

So, it looks like we'll start in earnest on Monday 9/14.

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MICHELE said...

See, that's just one more great reason to home educate. Freedom of choice!

Me... I'm on dial-up and no I can't see your pictures/slideshows. AND I WANT TO!