Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekly Review - Weeks 13 and 14

These last two weeks have been light on the academics and heavy on the recovery.

I won't bother to list the academics we've done - it's mostly been math and writing, and there hasn't been a ton of it. We will hopefully get back to it full force tomorrow. That will depend on how everyone is feeling. I need to make out some lesson plans. I think I'll do two weeks' worth. David especially liked having the whole month's plan done ahead.

The Thanksgiving holiday came late in Week 13 and the family time was wonderful! We were gone for four days. We did some other socializing in Week 13 as well.

One or another of us has been sick for what seems like months, but has really only been about a week. We missed several activities due to it - Art class being one that comes to mind right now. The only thing we did outside of the home during Week 14 was Wednesday night church and grocery shopping (Suzy went with me). Oh yeah, and the girls went to their Keepers at Home meeting - they got a ride with a friend.

If one child is sick, it does interfere with our academics for all, since we do a number of subjects together. When I am sick, I don't have a sub to call. Even though Bob is here most of the time, he doesn't usually take on the whole routine - it's overwhelming to him. So, everything tends to fall apart when I am sick. This is why we do our lessons most days, even if the school down the street is off for a snow day or teacher in-service, or whatever. It frees us up to take a day off when we need one. Or four. lol

I wonder what other home educating families do when sickness intrudes into your routine? What if one child is sick? Everyone? Mom only? How does it affect your academics?

I need to do some lesson plans today, but right now, I need to go relax. I can only do a few minutes at a time on the computer.

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Anonymous said...

How does sick days effect this homeschool??

Tommie takes 100% full advantage of me being on the couch! I usually throw him an Explode the Code workbook and make him do a couple of complete lessons...a review page of math and silent reading...

We also use a lot of educational videos and classic movies...

When he's down...I usually read aloud to him and watch movies.

Hope everyone is well from here on out!