Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekly Review - Week 16

Yep, we are still plugging away! I feel like I'm forgetting something, so here's the list I can remember.


  • We read Philemon (it's just 1 chapter) and listened to Ephesians 1-6 and Philippians 1-6 in the car.
  • David finished Lesson 2 (Order of Operations) in Math-U-See Algebra I and did the Honors lesson. He also did the first assignment in Lesson 3 (Solving for an Unknown with One Variable).
  • Emily continued working on multiple digit multiplication with regrouping. This is HARD for her.
  • James took the test for Lesson 12 and did 3 lessons in Lesson 13 (Skip Count by 6, Equivalent Fractions) in Gamma.
  • Suzy took the test for Lesson 13 and did 3 lessons in Lesson 14 (Addition, Doubles +1 and Associative Property) in Alpha.
  • Suzy and James did online math drills.
Language Arts - Literature and Reading
  • David read Chapters 4-11 in Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison by Lois Lenski and answered comprehension questions, some written, some orally.
  • Emily read Chapters 25-31 in Anne of Green Gables and answered comprehension questions, some written, some orally.
  • James read pp 28-60 in Reptiles Do the Strangest Things (finished it) and wrote in his literature journal.
  • Suzy read 3 Bob Books from the second set, as well as the phonics reader I wrote for her (The Pink Gown) and wrote in her literature journal.
  • Everyone did some silent reading throughout the week.
Language Arts - Writing
  • No writing happened this week!
Language Arts - Other
  • David and Emily each did 3 sessions of Spelling Power.
  • David did a couple pages in Easy Grammar, leaving Emily in the dust! lol
  • James did 4 pages in Explode the Code 6.
  • Suzy did 4 pages in Explode the Code 2.
  • Suzy worked online with Sight Words with Samson.
  • No Science this week.
  • David read Chapters 1-4 in History of Us: Book 4 (by Joy Hakim) which is about George Washington's presidency and Cabinet, mostly.
  • I read aloud to the younger 3 about the St. Augustine of Hippo and about Jerome translating the Vulgate.
  • The students copied a verse in Latin, each in his or her own "cave" like Jerome.
Other activities
  • Wednesday was a socializing day for us as we went to visit friends all day.
  • Pioneer Club party was Wednesday night for James and Suzy.
  • Friday we were snowed in - supposed to leave for a family celebration, but couldn't leave until Saturday morning.
  • Saturday we spent 5 hours in the car and spent the day with family.

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