Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Playing Outside

My two youngest have been amazing me with their tolerance for the cold weather! They love playing in the snow! We have a lot of it.

Yesterday they begged to go out. It was 17 degrees. I agreed, thinking they'd be back in within minutes. They played out for at least an hour, I am sure. I wish I had timed it. They came in rosy-cheeked and very happy. Then they wanted to go out again just before dark, so I let them and they played out for another good long time. Reports are they were making a snow cave. They wanted to go out again after dinner, but I said no.

Wish there were more daylight hours! I do remember playing out in the snow myself after dark, by the lights in the parking lot, all bundled in my snowmobile suit and moonboots.

They played out again today for about an hour, or maybe longer. It was a bit warmer today, but not much. We are supposed to be getting more snow, so I am sure they'll play outside tomorrow too. I'll try to get some good pictures, but that means I have to go out myself.

And how do I get the older ones out there???

And I want to start my family on cross-country skiing as that is the only winter sport I think I could manage to enjoy.


Denise said...

I dislike winter. Snow. Cold. Yuck. But the kids sure like it. Caleb can play outside all by himself for the longest time... He says it's his favorite season!

Anonymous said...

That's so nice and healthy for the kids to be outside- getting fresh air, making memories and burning off energy! I bet they slept good!

MOONBOOTS? Now, there's something I haven't thought about in 30 years or more! And, a SNOWMOBILE suit? You know, I think they're a good idea (easy!)...do they even make them anymore for kids?

The Buckingham Gardens book, sounds interesting. I'm off to google it and would like your opinion on it.

Merry, Merry Christmas, Lisa!
Your friend, MIch.

Brandi said...

Hunter and Shiloh play out some. Mark said that today is great packing snow. I might go out with them all and build a snowman.(if we get the shopping done).

We love cross country skiing. My parents even got the kids snowshoes a couple of years ago and they LOVE walking around in them and not sinking.

Merry Christmas

Niffercoo said...

Well, I'm sure I can't help you with ideas. We barely go outside here if it's under 50 degrees. I've done better since I started jogging, but it's hard to send the kids out in it. Thankfully, by the middle to end of February it will start to get warm again! I'm not sure we'd survive in the north!

Wee Pip said...

I remember Moonboots...LOL. I really wanted a pair and was thrilled when I got one. Anything with a name like Moonboots has to be neat!