Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekly Review - Week 15

This was a hard week to get back into lessons! I gave the children their assignments for the entire month again. David really likes that but it's harder for the other kids, so I will probably do it for him like that in January, but not them.


  • We read Acts 26-28, continuing with our study of Paul.
  • We sang our December hymn - O Come All Ye Faithful (7 verses!).
  • We had Family Prayer several days.
  • David began the Algebra I book, completing Lesson 1 and doing the Honors lesson and doing the first assignment in Lesson 2.
  • Emily worked on Lesson 25 (multiple digit multiplication with regrouping) in Gamma. This is HARD for her.
  • James finished Lesson 12 in Gamma (Multiply by 3, 3' = 1 yard, 1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoon).
  • Suzy finished Lesson 13 in Alpha (Shapes: Rectangles, Squares; Skip Counting by 5) and took the test.
  • Suzy and James did online math drills.
Language Arts - Literature and Reading
  • David started a new literature book - Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison by Lois Lenski. He read Chapters 1-3 and answered comprehension questions.
  • Emily resumed her reading of Anne of Green Gables, reading Chapters 19-23 and answering comprehension questions.
  • James read pp1-27 in Reptiles Do the Strangest Things and wrote each day in his literature journal.
  • Suzy read 3 Bob Books from the second set and wrote in her literature journal.
  • We started reading James Herriot's Animal Stories as our read-aloud.
  • Everyone did some silent reading throughout the week.
Language Arts - Writing
  • No writing happened this week!
Language Arts - Other
  • James did 6 pages in Explode the Code 6.
  • Suzy did 2 pages in Explode the Code 2.
  • Suzy worked online with Sight Words with Samson.
  • No Science this week.
  • David read Chapters 37-42 in History of Us: Book 3 (by Joy Hakim), finishing the book.
  • David is also learning the Preamble to the Constitution (which means the others are hearing it).
  • Emily and James worked on our timeline and did some mapwork.
  • I read aloud about the Mayan civilization and the students worked with the Mayan alphabet a little.
Other activities
  • James and David had Chess Club on Tuesday.
  • The girls and I went to a Christmas Tea Tuesday night. Emily hosted a table, so she had invitations and decorations to arrange. We also had one of her friends overnight and here for lessons Wed morning due to weather.
  • Pioneer Club on Wednesday night for James and Suzy. David runs the computers there.
  • Thursday was COOKIE DAY. We made a lot of Christmas cookies.
  • Friday was our homeschool group's Christmas party, including an hour of swimming. So lots of socialization.
  • David and Emily spent the night with friends and James had two friends here Friday night.
  • Saturday we decorated our house for Christmas - finally!


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

Could you do something for me? Could you bring a copy (if it is easy to do) of one of your lesson plans so I can see how you do it on Wednesday? I am so curious, and want to "buckle down" in a good way come the new year.

I'd appreciate it...and I still expect lots of cookies :).

p \IiiI

Anonymous said... sure accomplished a ton! It's a good feeling, isn't it?

I don't know how you do it... I can't even begin to imagine hsing more then one. But, you're doing great!!!!!