Friday, August 31, 2012

Math Lesson Plans

Soooo.... I did no lesson planning yesterday because I went to a movie set and met an actor! But that's a post for another day. hehe

But thankfully, I can post about MATH since that involves just about no lesson planning from me.

We are using Teaching Textbooks now. The curriculum is self-teaching, and, for most of the levels, also features automated grading. I assign the kids a certain amount of time to spend on math each day; the amount varies depending on grade level. Alternately, they could also complete 2 lessons and then consider the day's work complete. I require at least an 80% score before a lesson is considered complete.

Suzy will be doing Teaching Textbooks 5. She will work for an hour each day.

Emily and James are both working on Teaching Textbooks 7. They've both already started that level. They'll be moving to the Pre-Algebra level sometime during the year. (Our math years don't necessarily coincide with the school year.)  James will work for an hour each day and Emily's goal is 90 minutes daily.

David will be doing the Pre-Calculus level. I don't actually have it yet, so he will be doing a review of Algebra 2 until I obtain the curriculum. David is assigned 90 minutes daily but actually he usually works longer. He doesn't like to stop in the middle of a lesson.

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