Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bible Lesson Plans COMPLETE

Here is our stack of books for Bible lessons this year. 

Today marked the beginning of Lesson Planning Week here at Cornerstone and I chose to begin with Bible - probably the easiest subject to plan and certainly the most foundational.

 We use the NIV translation in our Bible study time. I chose this for a few reasons - 1 - because it's easy to find so that all my kids can have a copy in front of them every day, 2 - it's not expensive, and 3 - it's fairly easy to read and understand. Now and then, we'll also read from The Message.

I have enough matching hymnals like these for all of us to have our own. That took a few years to accomplish! But it's worth it now. I have a spreadsheet list of most of the hymns and praise choruses we know and we will review all of them throughout the year. This year we will be reading from a hymn devotional that my good friend Jennifer sent me a few years ago - Then Sings My Soul.

The missing component of our Bible time the last few years has been Bible memory, but this year we will remedy that. We used to do AWANA maybe 5 years ago, so David and Emily had some Bible memory there, but James and Suzy haven't had much. I looked and looked for an easy resource and finally found this one - 100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know by Heart by Robert J. Morgan. The book begins with ten introductory chapters on the power of Scripture memory, which I will read, but not go through with my kids, except by discussion. Part Two of the book contains the 100 chosen verses beginning with Genesis 1:1 and going on through Revelation 22:20. The verses are grouped into sections such as Salvation, Holiness, Faith, and more. We will begin by doing a verse a week and go in order through the first 9 verses. We may skip around after that. Each verse is accompanied by an explanatory section.

 We've been using the Baker Bible Study Guide for All Ages since David was in kindergarten. (He's a senior this year!) I've been very pleased with it. This is our second trip through the series and we are partway through volume 3 of 4. I'd hoped to get all the way through the series twice before David graduates but I am not sure we'll make it. The rest of volume three covers the life of Moses, the books of Hebrews, Acts, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Judges, Ruth, and 1 Samuel, as well as the ministry of Jesus from the Gospels.

We are also going to study world religions using this book - Why So Many Gods? One religion per week is my goal.

One more thing - this year David will read through the entire Bible before he graduates. I printed out a chart for him to keep track.

So, here's our plan for daily Bible Time:

Monday - Wednesday
Monday – 1 -Sing a hymn and read the corresponding story from Then Sings My Soul.
Tuesday – 1 - Read from Why So Many Gods and discuss.
Wednesday - 1 - Sing a hymn and read the corresponding story from Then Sings My Soul.

2 - Prayer Time (what's the best way to do this?)
3 – Read a chapter from the Bible (following Baker Bible Study Guide Volume 3). Students take turns reading aloud.
4 – Discuss the chapter.
5 – Work on memory verse.
6 - Sing a review hymn to finish. (if there is time)

Thursday – prayer, recite verse, and read a chapter with discussion
Friday – just prayer, recite verse, and a song 
(Most Fridays we are not home due to co-op and field trips, but I hope to begin the day with prayer, Scripture, and singing.)

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