Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Science Lesson Plans Complete

Science - my LEAST favorite subject.

The younger two kids (5th and 7th grade) will be finishing up Considering God's Creation - their curriculum from last year. All that's left is the Human Body section. So they will be doing anatomy this year. Suzy is also taking a co-op class called "It's Not Magic, It's Science" and James will be doing a Backyard Ballistics class, which I hope will be more science-oriented than not.

Emily will be doing Biology for 10th grade. I buck the popular trend and do NOT use Apologia. I could probably write a whole post on why not, but suffice it to say, it's just not a good fit for us.

So, she will be using Biology 101, from Timberdoodle, which is a DVD-based curriculum. There is a printable book on one of the DVD's and a set of lesson plans. This will fit our needs nicely. We do have a microscope and bunches of slides to further her learning and I have set up dissection labs with a friend of mine who actually likes Science.

David will not be doing Science this year; he's already completed Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and I will also be giving him a half or full credit (still figuring that out) for Introduction to Robotics. He and I are discussing the possibility of doing a Mechanical Engineering class this year since he is not doing Robotics again. I have a textbook for that on my Kindle.

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