Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - September 2

1 - balancing the soccer schedule - two boys on different travel teams this fall + Suzy's games are all local
2- Gotta make some decisions about church

1 - Finished four weeks of Body for Life - doing pretty well! Lost 7 lbs so far
3 - waterproofed the camper and got it cleaned out

1 - Lesson plans - almost done
2 - Making sure everything is ready for co-op to begin
3 - Writing lesson plans and promotional materials for the writing classes
4 - Redoing the chore lists

From the Library: wanted some movies for the weekend but library was closed for the holiday weekend :-(
Rollicking: The Help by Kathryn Stockett - Wow, the audio book is great!
Netflix: more MI-5 - now it's Rupert Penry-Jones. :-)
On my Kindle: several Regency romances 

Rupert Penry-Jones as MI-5's Adam Carter
Tasty:  Heath bar - considering having one tomorrow on my Free Day
What's New: bought a recliner second-hand. Not sure I like it though.
Obsession: still pretty much MI-5 :-) I watch 2 episodes almost every night.
Disappointment: We were not allowed pictures with Richard Armitage. :-(
Serendipity: Was given tickets to the Renaissance Festival! YAY! We will go September 14.
Fun Times: water park with friends on Friday
Anticipating: the first day of lessons for my firstborn's senior year, the first soccer games of the season (I LOVE watching the kids play soccer); also REALLY looking forward to my "free day" (Labor Day) in which I can eat whatever I want!
Fitness: I've completed all but 1 of the Body-for-Life workouts which alternates a weight training day (either upper or lower body) with a cardio day. One day off per week. The weight training is making a difference and I've been doing running for my cardio and I am doing great with that!

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