Monday, September 3, 2012

Suzy Learns to Sew

Suzy wanted me to show her how to mend the strap on her book bag with the sewing machine. I thought it was a bit tough for a beginner, so I did the actual mending, but showed her what I was doing.

Then I showed her how to:

  • thread the machine
  • insert the bobbin
  • bring up the bobbin thread
  • sew along a straight line
  • sew in reverse to end your stitches
  • turn a corner while sewing
  • pin two pieces of fabric together
  • hand sew an opening 

She was very motivated to learn and went on to create a simple shoulder bag, a doll pillow and most of a doll comforter which I think is going to end up as a sleeping bag instead.

And now she's ahead of Emily! LOL

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