Thursday, April 15, 2010


A couple bloggie friends did this meme and I haven't done one in a while, and I'm strung out from work, sooo......

1. never in my life have i been: to Florida

2. the one person who can drive me nuts is: sleeping in my bed ;-)

3. high school was: mostly forgettable

4. when i'm nervous: yell at people

5. the last song i listened to was: some 80's song on Pandora

6. if i were to get married right now, my maid of honor would be: someone who wouldn't be shocked at bigamy (since I am ALREADY married)

7. my hair is: rather dry in back and in need of a dye job

8. when i was 5: I could read very well.

9. last christmas: we weren't sure we could buy any gifts, but the Lord provided as He always does

10. i should be: doing my yearbook page.

11. when i look down i see: my jeans and bare feet

12. the happiest recent event was: spending the weekend with family

13. if i was a character on friends, i would be: NOT Phoebe, lol I'd probably be Ross. I didn't watch the show well enough to know if I could be Rachel or Monica. Though I'd love to have either of their hair or their figures. LOL

14. by this time next year i will be: SKINNIER

15. my current gripe is: My kids aren't on-board with my homeschooling plan and yes, Michele, not enough hours in the day to deal with it properly.

16. i have a hard time understanding: how kids can LOOK like they're listening, but they really aren't. Even if they've heard the same instructions 100 times before.

17. there's this girl i know that: taught me that I could be a runner girl just like her

18. if i won an award, the first person i would tell would be: my kids

19. take my advice: get fit NOW, don't wait.

20. the thing i want to buy: iPad (or is it just hype?)

21. if you visited the place i was born: you could see Lake Michigan

22. i plan to visit: my book club friend Kathleen on Saturday next

23. if you spent the night at my house: I'd put you in the fold-out couch and we'd watch movies into the wee hours - with chocolate, of course.

24. the world could do without: selfishness and greed - or are those the same thing?

25. most recent thing i bought myself: 2 pair of jeans and several shirts at the thrift store

26. most recent thing someone bought me: dinner and a movie (Thanks, Janet!)

27. my favorite blond is: Captain Wentworth

28. my favorite brunette is: Ranger

29. my favorite red head is: James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser

30. my middle name is: Marie

31. in the morning i: get up and grab a cup of coffee and work for an hour before I even get dressed or brush my teeth

32. once at a bar: I almost.... well, I.... No. Don't think I'm going there. ;-)

33. last night i was: worked really late and then read a couple chapters of Emma


Niffercoo said...

That was fun! I'll have to work on that for my blog! :)

MICHELE said...

Lisa Marie...
I can't imagine you EVER yelling. Seriously. I've never seen you upset!

~Byn There said...

The iPad is sort of odd. My neice has one and brought it over Easter. It's like a laptop without the top. I wasn't impressed, rather get a good iBook.

Anonymous said...

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