Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - April 11

Outside: Sunny and pleasant

Sounds: my sister talking on the phone, birds chirping outside the open door

Home: I'm not there!

Projects: Starting a new session of Spanish this week

Pondering: the nature and practice of friendship

Teaching: a new hymn this week and we're back to lessons as usual after a week of Spring break

Gratitude: that David can take a dissection class with someone other than me!

Recipes: Not much cooking.

Duds: Jeans, navy tee, beige socks, makeup and hair done

Reads: Still listening to Diana Gabaldon's An Echo in the Bone on Playaway (and it's overdue and I can't renew it); meant to start Emma last week, but didn't - need to THIS week.

Vids: Titanic National Geographic special, Law-Abiding Citizen, Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes

Hopes: to get through the week!

Love: Thrift stores

Plans: Teaching Spanish, Working 4 hours M-F, J & S soccer practices and first games

Pic: No pic, as I am not at home


Anonymous said...

I sure love reading your logbook! I think I'll be a copycat!

I love Emily's glasses! Please tell her!


Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

I love "In The Land Of Women" :).

Hope you are doing well. I miss y'all a lot!

~Byn There said...

I dig your new background. Where did you get it from? Looks like you're staying busy as usual. Miss you, and miss blogging.