Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Betty Lukens Bible felts

Betty Lukens - do you know who she is? What I know is that there are wonderful felt sets available with her name on them.

Years ago, I bought a Bible felt set from Timberdoodle. It came printed on large sheets of felt and each teensy numbered piece needed to be cut out. That took me a couple years to complete, I think! I bought the file system to store it (pictured at right). It has a number of large flannelized stiff sheets with numbered outlines to store the figures so they are easily located.

So, then the beautiful pieces were finally all cut out and far too precious to let the kids just play with! My intent had been to use it for Bible lessons, which we do just about every day. Our usual curriculum is the Baker Bible Study Guide for All Ages, which over four years covers the whole Bible. But, like a lot of good intentions, it never really became a habit and soon my beautiful Bible felts were gathering dust.

So, today, I pulled it out with the intent of either USING it or SELLING it. James and Suzy voted to keep it, so we pulled out the figures for Genesis 3-6 and used them to illustrate our lesson today (Genesis 3-4). A Bible story guide (pictured) is available to go along with the felt set, so the instructor can easily choose the right figures to go with each story.

Since Suzy doesn't read well enough yet to participate in Bible reading, she is in charge of putting the felt figures on the board. Worked well today; let's see if we can keep it up.

This last picture gives you a good sense of how large the set we own is. Our figures are 6-1/2" scale. Another larger set with a 12" scale is available for larger groups. A church we used to go to owned that set, which is how I first learned about Lukens felts.

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