Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo....

Doesn't every ninth grader in the nation study Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet? I think it's a pretty standard curriculum staple for high school freshmen.

Since David will be done with The Silmarillion by the end of February and he's already done Beowulf, he's completed the literature choices he picked out. So, I decided to have him do Romeo and Juliet. He tells me he's already read it, on his own. I was floored by that admission. Really? You read Shakespeare on your own?

No matter, he still needs to study it. So, I've dug out a copy (we have two actually) and found a FREE online literature guide. I am looking forward to it, really!

And there are several good movie versions. I probably will let him watch the DiCaprio/Danes/Luhrmann version; since it has guns, he'll like it, and since it's the original language, it will reinforce the literature connection. But he also will have to watch the Zeffirelli one *I* watched in high school. :-)

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~Byn There said...

Finally some posts about what you've been doing!! You were getting boring in your winter days, which I know you truly are not! Romeo & Juliette, we've all been there and done that. Fun times. It's cool we have so many version to enjoy now.