Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter Break Day Four

As Michele pointed out in the comments yesterday, the kids are still being educated. Definitely! I don't do well with unstructured stuff, as I mentioned, especially since we never let them just watch TV all day. And in the cold weather, our tiny house gets small REALLY quick if they are rattling around bored.

They've all enjoyed the activities this week, even David, who has that typical teen ennui. Tomorrow is co-op, so our Four Day Break ends today with the following activities:
  • Watching the end of The Magic Flute with Daddy
  • My 3rd Live Meeting conference for job training
  • Making paper airplanes (from a preprinted book)
  • Having an impromptu paper airplane battle
  • More Mad-Libs
  • David listened to The Hunger Games on audio this week (Enjoyed it too!)
  • James wrote a bunch more on his book.
  • Played outside and made a cool fort (James and Suzy)
  • Emily discovered crocus buds in the garden by the back porch.
  • Visited two libraries
  • Grocery shopping with all 4 kids, giving them tasks to do throughout
  • Played Star Wars DVD Trivial Pursuit (David's choice - You're surprised, I know. lol)
  • David tried to repair my printer (yesterday & today) and my Flip video camera (today) and wasn't successful with either one, but he learned a lot!
If you don't have a paper airplane book, check THIS SITE for some cool planes to fold.


MICHELE said...


Crocus buds???? YIPEE.. Spring IS right around the corner!


Denise said...

I wish homeschooling was just about those unstructured activities - those are so much fun. Neat to think that crocuses are on their way up already.

Wee Pip said...

Your break looked great! I just read thru your blog and got caught up:) I'll be checking back to see how your unit study goes and what you dig up for the Lightning Thief. Alaithia loves Gr Myths & I'll love to capitalize on that!