Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - February 21

Outside: Sunny and cold. Winter Storm in the forecast. Tomorrow we may get 4-8 inches of snow!

Sounds: Christian radio playing. Bob chatting to David in the other room.

Home: The big TV died a quiet death this week. Now, we have a miniscule TV in its place.

Projects: TAXES need to get done this week.

Pondering: Should Spanish classes be canceled tomorrow?

Teaching: Shaking things up this week - no workbooks! Movies, games, crafts. It's Winter Break!

Gratitude: So thankful for sunshine in the middle of winter!

Recipes: Making home made pizza again tonight since it got great reviews last week. Going to make home made cinnamon rolls tomorrow AM. Beyond that, I have no plans.

Duds: blue long johns, burgundy robe, pink fluffy socks. Haven't even brushed my teeth. Yup, I'm lazy and no, I didn't go to church.

Reads: Just finished Don't You Forget About Me by Jancee Dunn and haven't picked up another book yet. Have quite a few library books to choose from.

Vids: Northanger Abbey, Cities of the Underworld, Whip It!, Valentine's Day, The Time Traveler's Wife (see mini reviews on MIRKWOOD).

Hopes: That I catch on quickly to the concepts that will enable me to do well in my new job.

Love: my SmartWool socks. I think I mentioned them before. I won 2 pairs in a drawing in Frankenmuth years ago, and I've worn them out. Need to get new ones. I like the look of the ones called BEST FRIEND in bright pink.

Plans: Job training, Sledding Day, Pampered Chef Party, Co-op, Book Club, and DREAMCOAT and other fun with my sister Janet

Pic: My father-in-law painted this picture years ago. One of the kids snapped this shot of it hanging on our wall.

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