Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Break Day Three

Since it IS break after all, everyone (except James) got to sleep in today. (I don't think James can sleep in to save his life.... lol)

Other Highlights of Day Three included:
  • My second Live Meeting conference
  • Francis: Knight of Assisi VHS tape
  • The first part of The Magic Flute (yes, in Swedish! lol)
  • Scattergories game (chosen by Emily)
  • Cutting out paper snowflakes (Try THIS SITE for instructions if you don't know how.)
  • Read two more chapters of The Lightning Thief aloud
  • More Mad-Libs (great and fun grammar practice! Check back for a post just on Mad-Libs soon!)
  • Kids played outside for a while & David went for a walk
  • David worked on his essay workshop homework
  • A renewed interest in NaNoWriMo novels prompted James to start writing again and Suzy to think about continuing her story.
  • Tae-bo workout for me
  • Fried potatoes and sausage for dinner
  • Homemade brownies for a late dessert
I'm loving our week and considering a unit study on Greek gods and Ancient Greece based on The Lightning Thief. (MICHELE - it's all your fault! LOL)


Anonymous said...

Your Winter Break continues to sound delightful, what a brilliant idea!!

MICHELE said...

So... how are the kids doing? Are they enjoying their break? Is there unorganized harmony in the house?

And, although you might call this a "winter break," they're still be educated with the dvd's and read-alouds and everyday living. Plus, MEMORIES!

The Greek Unit Study... DO IT! And, please list your ideas on your blog! I'll be taking notes from YOU!


Niffercoo said...

I assume you're enjoying the Lightning Thief! There are 4 more books in that series when you finish the first. We love mythology, and loved all of the books!

Is The Magic Flute based on Mozart's opera? We just listened to the Classical Kids version of that. If there is a DVD of it, even in Swedish, I think my girls would like it!

Denise said...

Your day sounds fantastic.