Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Emily's Curriculum - 7th grade

MATH - Math is Emily's most challenging subject. She should have Math-U-See Delta completed by fall, so she'll be doing Epsilon during her 7th grade year. That puts her a couple years "behind" but I'll be more than satisfied if she masters the math at her own pace. I worked with a number of adult GED students who had real math phobias created by their elementary or junior high math curriculum. I really think Emily deals with dyscalculia, which is a math form of dyslexia.

LANGUAGE ARTS - Emily will do SICC-B for composition along with David. She'll continue with Spelling Power. For her literature, I'll choose selections I want her to read. She'll answer questions on some of the selections and journal about the others.

SCIENCE - Emily will be doing Apologia General Science. Hopefully this will coordinate with co-op classes!

SOCIAL STUDIES - We'll continue with Mystery of History 2 and hopefully move into volume 3 before the year is out. We'll be resuming our chronological study somewhere around the year 1000.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION & HEALTH - Our toughest subject to work on for the older children since they stopped participating in soccer. I want Emily to find something active to participate in - gymnastics, dance, something! Hopefully she'll be able to do PE at co-op too.

VISUAL, PERFORMING & APPLIED ARTS - I hope she'll be able to continue Choir at co-op next year, as well as do art class with Mr. West. Other than that, we'll continue with our home art projects and crafts.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE - Probably none, but maybe I'll get brave and start doing Spanish again.

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Niffercoo said...

Do you have a 'list' that you choose from for literature, or does that come naturally because you're so well-read?