Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Edu-Track Updated - Moving Along

I've decided to make the best of my software - learn to work with its quirks and strengths. I did invest a bit of money in it and just purchased the lesson plans as well, which saved me a TON of work.

So, this is how far I've gotten with lesson planning.

Entered lessons through December (or further) for the following:
Baker Bible Study Guide for All Ages - Volume 4
Character Building for Families – Volume 2
Math U See – Algebra 1 (David)
Math U See – Gamma/Delta (Emily)
Math U See – Gamma (James)
Math U See - Alpha (Suzy)
Phonics - Explode the Code 5&6 (James)
Phonics - Explode the Code 3&4 (Suzy)
Easy Grammar Plus (David and Emily)
Spelling Power (David and Emily)
Penmanship (all kids)
Composition IEW (SWI-B) (David and Emily)
Journal Writing (all kids)
Letter Writing (all kids)
Apologia Physical Science (David)
Apologia Zoology 1 (Emily, James, Suzy)
Mystery of History Volume 2 (all kids)

Still have to create plans and/or type them in:
Sonlight Bible (David)
Silent Reading for all
Instructive Reading for all
Read-alouds for all (I may not choose these ahead)
Sonlight 100 (David)
Art - Creativity Express (all kids)
Music Appreciation Still deciding on curriculum
Physical Education
Vocab Study - English From the Roots Up/Rummy Roots

It's remarkably easy to create a repeating event, such as having the child write a letter every Thursday, and include that in the lesson plans. Since often I just have the child do "the next two pages" or something equally as general, that works well in those instances.

It's also easy to copy the assignments from one child to another, and just do a group-change of the grade level, so that the subjects I do all together can be included this way.

Once the lessons are in, I can run several kinds of assignment sheets or checklists and print them out. I will also be inputting the scores for math and other subjects to keep track of grades, at least for David.

I'm going to MAKE MYSELF enjoy learning to use this program. It's GOING. TO. WORK.

::::forces smile::::

No, really, it's getting better.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that it just might work out afterall.

I nominated your blog for two awards...you can pick them up at my blog...entry titled: Thank you!