Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekly Review - Seventh Week

OK, I think I'll try the weekly review in a different format, just to shake things up.

We fell apart on Bible this week. We got late starts every day, and despite my best intentions, we only did Bible twice. We read 1 Corinthians 10-13, practiced our hymn and praise song, and did family prayer on those days. I still have not instituted Bible memory, but I would like to.

David did 5 lessons in Lesson 27 in Math-U-See Pre-Algebra. He's nearly to the end!
Emily only has 5 multiplication facts that still give her trouble! GO Emily! She did 4 pages in Gamma Lesson 22 and I think she did Test 22.
James finished Lesson 7 in Gamma and began Lesson 8.
Suzy finished Alpha Lesson 8 and began Lesson 9.

Language Arts - Literature and Reading
David finished the Sonlight book Stink Alley, answered comprehension questions, and wrote a short report on the setting (England and Holland in the early 1600's). Emily read several chapters in Anne of Green Gables and wrote answers to comprehension questions, as well as definitions for vocabulary words. James finished the Gold Fever book and started The Story of Ships. Suzy avoided reading any Bob books. lol All the children did silent reading every day (their choice of books).

Our new read-aloud is The Family Under the Bridge and we read several chapters from that.

Language Arts - Writing
David and Emily watched the IEW SWI-B Lesson 7 DVD and did Assignment 1. All the children wrote in their Communication Journals and wrote a get-well card for their uncle who was in an accident. James and Suzy did 2 penmanship pages.

Language Arts - Other
David and Emily did two pages in Easy Grammar - prepositions still. They also did 4 days of Spelling lessons. (James will begin Spelling in January. He is ready.) Suzy did 8 pages in Explode the Code 2. James lost his workbook, so he did only 4 pages. I printed him off 2 worksheets from the internet on compound words. Suzy completed a few pages in her ABC Journal.

David was to have finished Module 2 of Apologia Physical Science and done the Study Guide, but I haven't gone over that with him yet.
Emily, James and Suzanne started the insect unit of Apologia Flying Creatures and did a couple insect experiments.

David finished History of US Book 1 and did all the map work for that book. He began Book 2 - read Chapters 1-4 and did the mapwork for those pages.
The younger children did not do History this week.

Other activities
All the children did Creativity Express art appreciation software for 30 minutes and typing instruction one day. James and Suzy had soccer practice and a soccer game. David assisted with soccer practice and refereed one game.

We'll be doing one more regular week of school before NaNo. The last week of October we will be doing some preparatory work instead of some of our Language Arts lessons. November 1st we will begin our novel writing!

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