Sunday, October 12, 2008

Heart of the Matter - Educational Freebies

Every Friday, the Heart of the Matter Online features a different meme topic. This week's question was: What great educational freebie sites do you frequently visit? What sites do you visit that bring you inspiration, education and new ideas? Share your ‘great finds’ with others this week!

Well, I sure do a lot online! Here are some of my most-used sites that offer something FREE to enhance our home learning experience.

Donna Young - This web site offers free homeschool planners, school calendars, household planners, printables in various subjects, and homeschool planning tips. Also, don't miss the Apologia lesson plans!

Math-U-See Drill page - Offers basic math facts drill - simple and timed.

CurrClick - sells ebooks and offers a free ebook every week. Subscribe to the newsletter to find out each week's book.

Bible Lessons and Coloring Sheets - This site offers lessons and printables (puzzles and coloring pages) that covers just about the entire Bible. Also available in Spanish.

Literature Guides - Nancy Pollette offers literature guides for picture books and novels.

Starfall - Reading comprehension and phonics

Print Materials - A huge collection of links to free printables - math worksheets, math flashcards, spelling worksheets, shape books, handwriting pages, maps, certificates, worksheets for every subject, assessment tools, forms, charts, calendars, lesson planning helps, and more!

There are LOTS of things out there to enhance your home learning. My all-time favorite is GOOGLE. Whatever you need, GOOGLE IT!

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