Monday, October 27, 2008

Math Problems, REAL problems

There is whining here.
Much whining and crying and complaining.

Here is a sampling. Maybe this sounds familiar. I'm not identifying the child. :-)

Child: Why is this math so hard?!?!?!
Dad responds calmly, asking the math question and pointing something out.
Child: Noooooo, it isn't! Why doesn't this eraser work RIGHT!

A little later:
Child, in sarcastic tone: Oh, even HARDER work. I'll never get this problem done.
Dad walks child through math problem.
Child: Sto----ooop! What am I supposed to write???
Sniffles and sobs ensue.

A little later:
Child: I'm getting annoyed!
Dad, quietly: Well, you ain't the only one.
Child: This is getting annoying.

Dad explains a problem.
Child: WHAT!!!! This is not making any sense. Oh this is hard for me! (crying) My brain's not open! It's not open for this kind of math! (crying)

Dad continues explaining.
What's wrong with this math? It's telling us to do a lot of stupid math work.
This is hard. (crying) Now let's go to problem 5.

A bit later:
Child: Oh, this is painful. I don't see anything! Where is the number?! You're not helping! You're just sitting here telling me the problems. This is hard! This is the hardest math I've ever tried!

Me: Child, you need to take a break. Why don't you take a break?
Child: NO! I'd just have to do it later.
Me: Well, that's true.
Child: I want to get it done! This is giving me a headache. This math is giving me a headache.

Dad explains;
Child: I didn't hear what you just said! I want to get done with all my school! (hits book) Why is it so hard?

Me (takes book): That's enough for now. Go get a drink and take a break.
Child (walks into kitchen crying): I don't want to do any more right now! Too much work! Too much work! It's too much work!

Oh, that's enough for you to get the picture, isn't it? Am I the only one who has a child that does this???

And for those that don't know me well, rest assured that the math is NOT too hard and that the child only has to do one math page a day like the other children.

And for you that think our family has it all together, like one of the cover families on a magazine, sorry to burst your bubble. lol


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

Ohhh, for a moment, I thought you had secretly taped a segment of our school day lol!

Good luck in the land of hard math :).

Penny \IiiI

Anonymous said...

Math brought my perfect child (I'm being sarcastic) to tears today.. and a tantrum and a crying fit. And, it wasn't a new was probably the easiest thing he's every done.

I'm glad our household wasn't the only one... sometimes it feels that way!


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is priceless!! Love, Mom

Luke said...

I remember, all to well, those feelings of frustration and being completely lost. 'Why can't my head figure this out?'

Oh yes. I've been there. I know my wife has too--because I've tried to explain problems to her as well.

Math with kids? Oh, it's gonna be fun. the by, I thought about looking at Calculus again last night and had all those feelings all over again.

Hang in there!