Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - March 4

1 - My left foot hurts when I run. Have been walking fast instead. :-(
2 - Gearing up for soccer season. Going to have to come up with Plan B to step out as registrar. Wouldn't you thinkthat, if you agreed to do a job and you changed your mind, then you would notify the person who is counting on you? Instead, this person is just ignoring my emails and calls, as well as those of the Commissioner.
3 -Coming up with appropriate consequences for misbehavior and bad attitudes. Especially for my teens. Going to make a point of finishing the Love & Logic book that I've had sitting here half-read for a few months.

1 - Ran/walked fast on the treadmill 3 times this week.
2 - Passed our green belt test! (Will promote on March 12)
3 - Have a satisfying number of students enrolled in my essay class - Still room for a few more though!

1 - March lesson sheets
2 - that yearbook!
3 - Planning the upcoming essay class

From the Library: The librarian offered us first dibs on the DVDs of Hugo and Puss in Boots. Also watched the entire first season of The Big Bang Theory on DVD.
Netflix: How I Met Your Mother and Jericho
Redbox: Breaking Dawn.....

Brit Lit: Introduced the class to the characters of The Scarlet Pimpernel.....

Recipes: Plan to make Glitter Grapes to take to Brit Lit movie night. 
What's New: A 2012 Monet calendar (on clearance for 50 cents!)
On Order: a bootleg DVD copy of The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982). I own 2 VHS copies, but never ordered a DVD and now it's no longer available.

Disappointment: David was not chosen as a driver for his robotics team. At least not for the first competition.

Fun Times: My friend invited me to a ladies night at her church and it was fun! I even did the craft! And Emily and I (and Suzy) went out today for her birthday to see The Vow!

Anticipating: Brit Lit movie night, then going to see The Lorax with friends and our kids, going to see John Carter this weekend? (All my anticipation is for movies? LOL)

Writing Progress: Wrote a little more FAQ for my Jane Austen book club guide.


Anonymous said...

are u rolling grapes in sparkles?? ( glitter grapes)--Janet

Debbie Schlarb said...

hope your foot gets back into shape - no pun intended!