Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - March 26th

1 - Today is a very very very very busy Monday! Lots to do! And work hours to squeeze in.
2 - Have to plan a soccer registration that is EASY PEASY. Is that even possible?
3 - Trying hard not to be jealous of homeschool moms who can just homeschool and not have to juggle work hours, of women whose husbands have good jobs, of people who can go on vacation to fun places. Most of the time, I succeed and can be content with my lot in life. Lately, it's not so easy.

1 - Staying on top of grading the papers from three different classes.
2 -  Washed all the bedding and hung it on the line (is it cheating to call that a success? lol)
3 - Intimidated David into getting a haircut (not much of one), then I cut Bob's and James' hair myself.

1 - Completed adding new players to teams that had openings and ordered the uniforms.
2 - Trying to find enough students for another session of my essay workshop which was requested.
From the Library: Received Big Bang Theory Season 3 through inter-library loan
Kindle:  only got 78% done with The Historian and it went back. BUT! I signed it out immediately again, and finished it over the weekend. Also finished Max Lucado's book God's Story, Your Story on my Kindle.
Rollicking: The Hunger Games series on audio - halfway through Mockingjay now.... Went out to the theater with my Rollickers to see the movie - recommended! Had to leave book club discussion before it was done to go pick up David - SAD FACE. :-(
Redbox: Tower Heist - one of the stupidest movies I've ever watched.

Pondering:  putting the kids in school - wouldn't it just be better for everyone?

Discussing: The reasons why I choose to read/watch The Hunger Games. Apparently that's the new book series for Christians to pick on. Sigh....

Considering: whether or not I want to tackle reading the Harry Potter series. My original reasons for not reading it really aren't valid for me anymore. But I really am not interested. Convince me, someone. Or don't. It's not like I need to ADD to my reading list! lol

Serendipity: Love seeing yellow spring flowers - daffodils and forsythia make me smile!

Anticipating: I get to visit with my parents and sister next weekend!

Writing Progress: once again - none at all...


Denise Bryant said...

Wow, this is a biggie blog. :) So cool that you got to read & watch The Hunger Games! I want to.

I understand your feelings of wishing you could "just" homeschool and not have work on top of it. I felt that way, too. It's very difficult to do both.

These spring flowers are making me happy, too!

Anonymous said...

No one can do it all. It might be time for someone else to step up here. Love, Mom

~Byn There said...

Sometimes it is good to let others be in authority over your children to give them perspective but you will then need to learn how to be a good public school parent...it's different. Maybe some time "in" will give them new appreciation for being "out" ... dosen't have to be forever. How do the kids feel about it?

Harry Potter - I really enjoyed the first two. Was curious because they came up on the top of every kids book list during an editing job I worked on so I just HAD to read them. From the third one on I sort of lost excitment though. However Jim Dale is great on the audiobooks.

That's my five cents, keep the change. ;D

Anonymous said...

I will sit and be jealous with you!! I hear you sis- Mom is right- you cant do everything- or you will drop dead at 50 with a heart attack. You " A" type personalities!! Looking forward to your visit this weekend- Janet