Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - March 17th

1 - Emily has started soccer - practice 3 days a week for the next several weeks.
2- My "to-do" list is always a challenge. Just rewrote it in my little notebook because there was so many scratch-outs that it was hard to see what needed to be done.
3 - Need to refocus on eating healthy and getting fit. Stoopid injured foot.

1 - Darlene and I FINISHED the co-op schedule!
2 - Glued my Rollicking Readers badges on my tote bag. Finally! We are working on creating badges for ALL the books we have read, but it takes a while since we have read 35 books!
3 - Took Suzy to a little shop in a nearby town that she has wanted to visit for about a year. (or more?) A cute little place stuffed with candles, framed pictures, ornaments, decorations, antiques, little signs, and so much more. She was an angel while we examined everything.

1 - writing descriptions for three writing camps I will be teaching this summer
2 - Getting out the spring clothes WAY early since it will be 80 this week and no one wants to wear sweatshirts and jeans! Except David, of course.
3 - Got a free trampoline from a friend and the guys are working on refurbishing the springs and setting it up. Thankfully this is not MY project!

From the Library: Finished up Big Bang Theory Season 2 and immediately requested Season 3 (thank God for inter-library loan)
Kindle:  about halfway done with The Historian and Overdrive (e-book library) will suck back my book in 3 days! Speed it up, Lisa!

Netflix: Life in a Day - LOVED this movie - poignant and funny and insightful and random. Other than a handful of mature themes, it would even be great for kids.

Rollicking: The Hunger Games series on audio - halfway through Catching Fire now.... Can't wait to see the movie with my Rollickers this weekend!

Pondering: when/if we want to go camping this summer. We have reservations for homeschool camp week. Do we want to go any other time?

Discussing: virtual academies and public school/homeschool partnerships

Considering: taking the kids to Cedar Point on June 1st.

Oops: Realized this week that my drivers license was EXPIRED. (Bonus points if you know WHEN it expired! lol) Got that taken care of right away.
Crafts: Not sure this actually counts as a craft, but it's not a recipe either. Made "pot of gold" candy baggies for the kids for St. Paddy's Day. (Sorry the pix is sideways.)

Serendipity: The weather! Our crocuses are blooming. I think this is 3 weeks early, maybe more?

Anticipating: THE HUNGER GAMES movie - so FREAKING excited! (sorry, got a little fan-girl-ish there......) Also, I get to visit with my parents and sister next weekend!

Writing Progress: Oh gosh.... I thought putting this on the meme would be motivating, but instead I am just annoyed with myself every week when I come on here and have no progress to report.


Denise Bryant said...

Yay for a trampoline!!

We are only camping once this year. Hard to figure out summer plans, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

it expired on Sept 28! awwwww lol- ooh Cedar Point, never been there- Janet

Debbie Schlarb said...

those look like Rolos in those St. Patty's day packages. Cute idea.