Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - April 3

Well, this is already "late" so I guess I'll stop tweaking it and post already. lol

1 - Thinking of some appropriate consequences for teens - do you have any input???

1 - finished the first essay class (though there will still be about 20 essays to grade)

1 - April lesson sheets
2 - compiling the class information from the co-op classes we've accepted and getting it into a user-friendly format to put online
3 - redoing the chore sheets
From the Library: my mom got Mission Impossible 3 from the library for us to watch; I'd never seen it. Pretty good! Why is it that I avoid Tom Cruise movies, but then I usually enjoy them when finally seeing them?

Rollicking: Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray - on chapter 8
Netflix: Watched an episode of Jericho since I haven't been able to use the treadmill in about a month

Pondering: when exactly we will take our "spring break"
Discussing: where we might travel sometime in the next year

Thankful: my van is running well!

Considering: which katana sword David should buy (he earned the money teaching a computer class) - since I wrote this, we decided and ordered it.
Serendipity: loved the Koolaid Fun Fizz packets my dad had. They make me smile just looking at them!

What's New: bought an armoire off a swap page on facebook. Have been wanting one for a long time to store my clothes since my bedroom doesn't have a closet. (Which means it's not really a bedroom, I know....). I also bought 2 blazers and a jean jacket and a few other fun things at the thrift stores I visited last weekend with my parents.
Fun Times: Had a lovely weekend with my mom and dad, as well as two of my sisters. We visited 7 thrift stores, had movie night, went out to lunch, and looked through some old photo albums and just had some nice time to visit.
Anticipating: taking Emily to see Titanic 3D (the 3D is not the exciting part). Deborah - do you remember going to see Titanic with me 15 years ago? It was you, right?
Writing Progress: Do I really have to confirm again that this is zero?


Denise Bryant said...

Teen consequences are something I have no thoughts on... sorry!

Vacation planning is fun. Cedar Point?

Debbie Schlarb said...

Yes, I DO remember seeing that with you way back when!! I just watched that movie again a month or so ago and really liked it, again.