Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - February 4

1 - I have no working printer. Thankfully the library is nearby.
2 - The vehicles are still giving us trouble.Thankfully one is running ok.
3 - Life is getting hectic. Time to work out is hard to come by. But I am determined. And thankfully, the treadmill is working well!
1 - Finally finished The Count of Monte Cristo! Whew, that took a long time and we were reading the ABRIDGED version!
2 - Am all caught up on grading papers!
3 - Went all week without candy

1 - Making denim Christmas stockings - I've cut out six of them.
3 - getting at least one of my finished books e-published for Kindle

From the Library: Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion trilogy on CD - have wanted to re-read this for several years now.
Redbox: Grabbed the new release Drive to watch tonight
Netflix: Discovered a TV series called Jericho; I also caved and watched a couple more episodes of Glee Season 2. Oh, and From Prada to Nada was entertaining! (a modern Californian/Hispanic version of Sense and Sensibility)
Rollicking: The Turn of the Screw by Henry James - oooh, creepy!

Recipes: James and I created a potato-white bean soup that was SO GOOD! Probably because we put a pint of heavy cream in it. lol

What's New: a red enamel-lined stock pot to replace my old one-handled pot. It's bigger too! Also a new plunger. When you need one, you REALLY need one.

On Order: a new cord for the soccer laptop. The old one has to be positioned JUST RIGHT or it won't charge.

Serendipity: found out that one of the local high schools fixes vehicles for a $10 lab fee and the cost of parts.
Disappointment: Found out that the problem with my Voyager is beyond the skills of the local high school auto mechanics class (and probably also of my husband)
Obsession: feeling a Jericho obsession coming on - self-limited it by telling myself I can only watch while running on the treadmill!
Fun Times: hung out with my friend for an afternoon working on the yearbook - difficult projects are more fun with a friend (and SHE is in charge - not me! lol)

Anticipating: Brit Lit Movie Night on Monday and then Sister Weekend!
Writing Progress: Did a bit of research into e-publishing via Kindle

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