Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - February 19

Two weeks have passed since I posted the logbook. Last weekend was filled with sisterly activities and no time online!

1 - The numbers on the scale are going the WRONG WAY.
2 - Wondering if my registrar replacement is flaking out on me - need to find out this week what's going on with him and get that all squared away.

1 - Decided NOT to teach at co-op next year. Another step on the road to fewer commitments.
2 - Friday was co-op and girls' night out. I usually eat pizza at co-op and something fattening at Applebee's. Instead, I had salad with chicken and raspberry vinegar for lunch and tilapia for dinner. Stayed within my calories!

1 - Helping to get the SOF yearbook done
2 - Going to get those boxes out of here. I'm not gonna sell that stuff, am I?

From the Library: Carrie Bebris' Mansfield Park mystery featuring Mr. and Mrs. Darcy, a book on managing chronic pain, and still trying to finish CS Lewis' book on literary criticism
Redbox: Snagged Anonymous to watch tonight

Netflix: Have been watching old episodes of How I Met Your Mother
Brit Lit: Finished A Study in Scarlet (a re-read) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and am starting a re-read of The Scarlet Pimpernel - both are books I am teaching to a group of homeschoolers
Rollicked: The Turn of the Screw (with Colin Firth & Jodhi May); also the new release of The Tempest starring Helen Mirren, Russell Brand and an array of other skilled actors

Recipes: Had Emily bake some tasty chocolate peppermint cupcakes from The Butch Bakery Cookbook - yummy!

What's New: Made a clothes run to Goodwill - all purple tag clothes were $1! YAY!

Serendipity: found my missing pair of wool socks (in my pajama drawer)

Disappointment: I don't get to go see Van Halen at the Palace Monday night. :-(

Fun Times: Fifteen ladies at book club - can you imagine? GOOD TIMES!  Also got to have a sleepover with my good friend!

Anticipating: Karate testing, seeing Dreamcoat

Writing Progress: Once again, that's a big FAT zero.


Denise Bryant said...

You always seem to have a lot of fun activities. Your book/movie club sounds like a great time.

Anonymous said...

LOVE to read your logbook! Mom

Debbie Schlarb said...

Applebee's always has some healthy stuff on their menu. Good choices!!

Anonymous said...

mmm chocolate peppermint cupcakes...:) Janet