Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - October 31

Outside: A lovely fall day but COLD

Sounds: Clock ticking, furnace running, and candy calling shrilly "lisalisalisalisa"

Home: HUGE piles of candy

Projects: NaNoWriMo is all I can handle for November

Pondering: my crazy main character named Marjorie

Teaching: Writing (novel writing, to be exact)

Gratitude: To have such wonderful parents! Love you, Mommy and Daddy!

Recipes: Planning to use the slow cooker a lot. Was given a HUGE roast, so will be serving that up!

Duds: jeans, long johns, squareneck multicolored top, grey hoodie over top, slippers and no socks (and my feet are cold)

Reads: Gone with the Wind (on audio) and Ann Rule's new true crime book.

Vids: The Lake House (man, I love that movie), an episode of Blue Bloods (a fav of sis Janet and mom),

Hopes: that I can manage my time wisely over the next 30 days - write 50K, work 88 hours (or possibly up to 110), get everyone where they need to be, keep the groceries stocked and the food plentiful.

Love: getting lost in my writing

Plans: Working 4-5 hours M-F, 1 last soccer game, a homeschool meeting/write-in, another write-in, co-op Friday, a movie night with the teens, and other stuff too..... Just text me. lol

Pic: David/Ted at the Circle K


Debbie Schlarb said...

ditto on the gratitute!!

Denise said...

Oh, THAT is the Cirlce K! Not in the scary part of the 'hood at all. Glad to see you this weekend. :)