Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fortune cookies

For my birthday, we went out to our nearby Chinese buffet restaurant. Thought I'd share our fortunes with you. (Of course, they are only for fun. I don't put any stock in what they say, especially after reading MINE. Considering I was in one of the worst moods of the month, if you know what I mean.)

Lisa - Today, your charm will have them singing like birds. (ROFL)
Bob - Chill while you can, big project is coming your way. (Hope it's a new job.)
David - Every truly great accomplishment is at first impossible.
Emily - To have peace is to increase fortune and longevity.
James - Truth is what stands the test of experience. (What does that even MEAN?)
Suzy - What you will do matters. All you need is to do it. (Sounds like Galadriel's words to Frodo, eh?)


Debbie Schlarb said...

I think fortune cookies are fun!

Anonymous said...