Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - May 9&10

I tried to do this meme yesterday, but yesterday was not a good day for introspection so I postponed it.

Outside: Sunny but windy and cold (this was Sunday)

Sounds: Kids outside hanging up laundry (Mon)

Home: Same old half-done projects

Projects: Soccer registration preparation - it's this week!

Pondering: the sacrifice of praise

Teaching: Lots of thank you notes being written this week and documentary videos on topics like: Sharks, Australian animals, and Israel.

Gratitude: that spring is here - now maybe the weather can reflect that?

Recipes: Ever walked up the frozen dinner aisle at Walmart? Who needs recipes?

Duds: jeans, red long sleeved tee, slippers (Sun)

Reads: Emma by Jane Austen for book club (still trying to finish), also Echo in the Bone audio - barely time to pick up a book, so not much reading happening except magazines.

Vids: The Back Up Plan (enjoyed it), Eli Stone TV series (on DVD), The Young Victoria (LOVED IT), Ladies in Lavender (rather creepy), Up in the Air (depressing), Old Dogs (just dumb)

Hopes: that I can figure out this thing called life

Love: Dove chocolate (it got me through the week)

Plans: Teaching Spanish, Working 4 hours M-F, J & S soccer, Kickball game, Nature classes (S,J) SOCCER REGISTRATION WEEK

Pic: Apparently I don't take photos anymore.


Niffercoo said...

When do you have any time to take photos?? LOL

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

chocolate does smooth out the rough spots, eh? Not so great for the healthy eating lifestyle which is just cruel.