Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - May 23

Outside: Going to be in the 80's today and sunny! All week, this is the forecast!

Sounds: my stomach growling

Home: Finally putting away winter coats and such

Projects: Entering 250 soccer registrations; Bob is fixing a couple things on my van (hopefully the A/C!)

Pondering: Eight years and 4 days ago, my youngest child was born. Eight years ago today a wall fell on my husband. Both events were life-changing.

Teaching: Decided that I don't have the sort of self-motivated independent learners that some home educating families seem to have. Therefore, we are back to the checklists and mom-directed learning. This week is my dry run for summer learning. Summer weather means attention deficit. This summer is their last chance. If they don't buckle down and work hard during the summer learning program (which will last through June and some of July & August), they will have to be in traditional school in the fall. No one seems to believe I will do it, but I MUST work or we cannot make ends meet. If they can't accomplish lessons and (especially) chores with a minimum of mom-input, then they are not going to be able to remain at home.

Gratitude: thankful for the promise of Heaven

Recipes: made some taco meat yesterday - that's about as good as it gets 'round here.

Duds: khaki shorts, my brown NaNo tee, brown flip-flops, hair in pony

Reads: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott for book club, about 2/3 through Echo in the Bone audio (and it's overdue again); skimming through lots of magazines

Vids: Eli Stone TV series on DVD (finished Season 1), The Spy Next Door (only had moments of enjoyability; otherwise predictable and violent) - wow, I think that's all!

Hopes: that I survive the teenage years.....

Love: my new smiley face coffee mug

Plans: Teaching Spanish (this is the last week PERIOD), Working 4-5 hours M-F, J soccer, field trip, Bob's birthday!, an open house, and book club!

Pic: James making a goal on a penalty kick. (An opposing player had touched the ball with his hand while standing RIGHT in front of the goal.)


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

love reading your day books. a friend, for summer, puts whtever each child needs to do on a clipboard. they need to get it done B4 ..whatever.. (play, videos etc..) they do PS but summer 'homeschool' and they ahve a clubhouse so they do their work out there. i like the clipboard idea. or the workbox idea. (you famiiliar with that? if not let me know.) i have tried both. not so much.....

Denise said...

My kids wouldn't be self starters, either... except maybe Rachel. :) I couldn't pull myself in that many directions (wife, mom, worker, teacher, my own person, friend, etc...) when I was homeschooling. I simply don't know how others do it! I don't, not one tiny little bit, miss that frustration. I'll be praying for you, that you know the right choices for your family. It's not easy! I don't know if there is a best choice, just doing the best you can. For me, that was letting something go. For you, it might not be that. I'm sure I haven't helped... sorry!

Anonymous said...

Those folks that are in the "unschooling" movement, are they fooling themselves? Love, Mom

Christy said...

I had a screaming fit with Julia this winter over the fact that when I say "Go get dressed" I mean everything - clothes, teeth brushed, hair brushed - READY FOR THE DAY! Why do I need to spell every step out - GET READY FOR SCHOOL! And the way the kids "pick up" their rooms? There is still garbage on the floor and dirty clothes there!