Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - May 16

Outside: Sunny and 63! yeah!

Sounds: Bob talking to David about drywall

Home: several projects underway

Projects: Now it's time to start thinking about fall co-op classes; also I am organizing a field trip this week.

Pondering: my shortcomings

Teaching: Educational movies this week include Grizzlies, Nature's Fury!, Drive-Through History (thanks, Dar!). David has his last dissection class (and I didn't have to teach it), Spanish evaluations are this week and next, and Emily is doing Life of Fred math.

Gratitude: that Bob was actually able to fix the fridges - yes, both of them. He really is very talented with fix-it stuff.

Recipes: Not cooking.

Duds: jeans (too tight! argh!), hot pink tee with Bible verse, white socks (my feet are cold)

Reads: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott for book club, about halfway through Echo in the Bone audio; skimming through lots of magazines

Vids: Eli Stone TV series on DVD (enjoying it still, but it has a very liberal slant), The Young Victoria (yes, again), The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (This one is on my TEN WORST MOVIES EVER list), An Education (liked it a lot), and some of North and South, a tiny bit of Avatar & of Lars and the Real Girl

Hopes: that Bob can find a full time job, because otherwise I will probably have to. Can't go on like this.

Love: Garage sales! LOVE THEM!

Plans: Teaching Spanish (this is the last week for one of my classes), Working 4-5 hours M-F, J & S soccer, field trip, Suzy's birthday! and she has a party to attend as well.

Pic: We stopped by and there was no Jackman, no Dancy, no Grant, not even Laurie. Nor was it hugE. So much for truth in advertising.


Denise said...

An eclectic bit of vids! Only one I've seen is Avatar. Enjoy your week, as crazy as it is. :)

MICHELE said...

Miss you, Lisa.

I've been out garage sale-ing, too. I can't believe how pricey things are. A sign of the times, I guess... people are trying to make as much as they can.

How about doing a blog post on "the life of fred?" I'd be curious to know about it.

Have a good Monday- Mich

Wee Pip said...

I agree - a Life of Fred post is in order:) I've been wondering about that one, too. I was wondering if all the text and story is distracting from the lesson? I noticed you are reading aloud Alice (LOL! Of course I noticed!) I have an article I'll email you about it - how the books are actually based upon trendy math & science ideas of the day & the author's response to them (no, it wasn't a drug induced story!) My kids hate AIW, sigh. You are welcome to borrow my Annotated Alice if you are interested (it makes a great math, sci & history unit study)