Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Whole New World

From 09-01-2009

The boys have needed their room to be painted for a while now and a few weeks ago we took the plunge. The girls had removed all their belongings from their horribly messy room in preparation for painting, but were unable to agree on whether or not they actually OUGHT to paint. So, we put everything (well, not EVERYTHING) back and then decided to do the same for the boys, whose room didn't QUITE equal the girls' in horribleness, but came close.

So, we pulled everything out and bought a gallon of sand-colored paint. Why sand colored? They wanted to paint Tatooine on their walls. What? Tatooine doesn't ring a bell? It's the home of Luke Skywalker, of Star Wars fame.

Anyway, the sand color apparently was just for the BOTTOM of the walls. This concept was not communicated clearly to the buyer of the paint (me), but seemed quite clear to the actual painters (boys). They wanted a gallon of sky blue too. That seemed pricy to the keeper of the finances (dad), so we paused for a few days. Remember, everything was out of their room, except their beds and some scattered debris.

Finally, I had the idea to ask on freecycle if anyone had some leftover blue paint. JACKPOT! Two different people had about half a can leftover and kindly donated it to my sons' painting project. Bob mixed the blues together with a little white, I think, and the boys headed up to paint some more.

Did I even go upstairs? NO! Do you know how much I detest painting projects? A lot! lol But David is meticulous and James is energetic and they accomplished it with little distraction.

So, now we have a room as blank canvas - smooth sandy landscape for the bottom half and a restful blue sky to top it off. Now, David can get creative and paint his favorite Star Wars scenes all over his room. Every Star Wars fan's dream room....

Stay tuned!
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MICHELE said...


That is the BEST creative art class I've ever seen! Plus, it promotes independence, thriftyness and teamwork!

I count this as homeschooling... just in case you wonder what "I" would count this as!!! ha-ha!


Denise said...

What a great idea and the boys did an excellent job. I'd have a hard, hard time handing off a creative project like that, so kudos to you for letting the boys be boys and do what they like. :)

Wee Pip said...

Cool! Very tatooineish;) Can't wait to see the finished project!