Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tailgate Sales and Thrift Stores

Today I headed south with my strong sons to a tailgate book sale. The sky looked threatening and, since the tailgates are attached to our vehicles, I hoped for no rain! It sprinkled slightly as we pulled into the parking lot, but that was all the rain that came. I sold a few things and bought only 4 books - one of which I needed for David and was a huge bargain. (Apologia Biology for $3!)

David needed some jeans, some shoes, and a winter coat, so we headed over to the thrift store. It used to be my favorite, but the last couple times I went, I noticed the prices had skyrocketed. Today, everything seemed way out of my price range. There were NO jeans in David's size among the eleven or so pair on the huge rack filled with dress pants and khakis. 17.99 was the price on one pair of tennis shoes. USED shoes, need I point out?

So, we left empty-handed and drove to another, more reasonably priced thrift store just a few miles away. (Same kind, lower prices - odd, huh?) I found a couple pair of Levi jeans for David and a shirt, as well as 3 Bibleman videos James wanted and a couple books (an RSV Bible and a book on menu planning by Emilie Barnes - not pictured, oops!).

Then on to Walmart for groceries. Now the pantry is well-stocked, the son is well-clothed, and he can learn Biology.

I bought a one year Spanish program as well, and I think I'll teach it to David and Emily this year. I know he wanted Japanese, but that's just not happening right now. lol

Tomorrow? Another book sale. Then I'll regale you with the amazing total of my sales.


Anonymous said...

So cool that you got the bargains that you did...I was totally frustrated this year with the sales I went to-no offense to garage sale operators... but I could find things cheaper at the discount stores than your tag sales!

Wee Pip said...

sheesh, expensive shoes! I hate when people raise prices like that...especially since you can find deals on NEW shoes at Walmart or K-mart for buy 1 get 1 pair 50 percent off, ending up paying $10-$15 per pair. Reminds me of my high school days when "grunge" was the new fashion...the rich kids spent 100's of $ attaining that old & unkept look, lol!

Anonymous said...

I tried calling your cell phone yesterday. I was at the Sal Army in the town West of me. All of their clothes were 5 for $5. I thought you could send an email out.... but then remembered you were at the book sale.

I know what Sal Army you're talking about... I am not a "mad" person... but, I am so disgusted with there prices, that I refuse to go in there. How revengeful am I? The khaki's being priced at $18? You could go to Kohls with all their coupons and get a pair brand new and cheaper.

Glad you found what you found at the other store.

I loved your book! I wish I would of known the lady... her kids turned out so successful in spite of everything!

Your Pal, Mich

Denise said...

I hope your book selling was successful and that your first day of lessons go well!