Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Second Game

David is playing on a travel soccer team this fall. He went back and forth about whether or not he should play. When he finally decided to do it, it was still a source of much angst. I was glad he decided to do it, even though it means a lot of driving for me.

Practicing is not his favorite thing, but he does love playing the game. He is with a bunch of nice guys - all Christian homeschoolers. His coaches integrate prayer into the practices and have challenged each team member to read the Bible and discipline themselves physically.

Their second game was Friday night. They played a very good team and lost 3-0. Our guys played rather sluggishly during the first half and gave up those 3 goals. The second half showed stronger playing, but they couldn't come back from that deficit. Apparently the other organization's varsity team won state last year. We played their JV team! LOL

Dialup viewers - I apologize for the slideshows you cannot see. I do hope that if you click on them and go to the Picasa website, you can see the photos.

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Denise said...

David's team sounds really great for a teenager to be on.

Glad that Mom & Dad + Christy & kids were able to come, that was fun, I'm sure. :)