Monday, July 13, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook - July 13

For Today... July 13, 2009
Outside my window... a light breeze is ruffling the leaves on the tree outside the window. I can see three bikes - two are lying on their sides and 1 is upright using its kickstand (as it should be!). Sidewalk chalk drawings decorate the sidewalk.

I am thinking... about how best to help Bob prepare for his interview on Wednesday!

From the learning rooms... soccer camp for the little ones this week and a library program.

I am thankful for... the prayers of my faithful friends and family.

From the kitchen... Bacon and frozen waffles for lunch, sloppy joes and bagged salad for dinner

I am wearing... denim shorts, lilac shirt, barefeet, a light dusting of powder and eyeliner

I am reading... I'm still reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (for book club) and One Tough Mother by Julie Ann Barnhill. I'm also reading The Complete Book of Running and I am finally listening to The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon again. LOVE IT.

I've been watching... The Other Boleyn Girl, Northanger Abbey, and What Not to Wear on DVD. Saw The Proposal in the theater - very funny!

I am hoping... that God will grant my heart's desire which is to remain at home with my children again this coming school year.

I am creating... a list of co-op class descriptions and a coach list with uniform colors.

I am hearing... Kids across the street, a car driving by, the clock ticking.

Around the house... A sleeping bag that needs to be mended, laundry hanging on the line, a TON of library books, coupons that need to be cut out, and Bob is painting a metal thing that's going to be a BIKE RACK. We've needed THAT for about ten years!

One of my favorite things... Seeing a movie with friends and then hanging out afterwards.

A few plans for the rest of the week... I have two soccer meetings, the little ones have soccer camp, and the girls have a rustic campout this weekend and I am going along. Bob has an INTERVIEW!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.
My kids with my sister Denise's kids.


Niffercoo said...

Check and see if your library has the Complete Book of Women's Running... it's excellent!

Anonymous said...

Playing with cousins = fun! Love, Mom

MICHELE said...

I think I know where Bob's interview is! I was right there when he was asking for his application! I'll be praying for him as well as you.

I'm reading The Other Boylen (sp?) Girl... it's pretty wild.


~Byn There said...

sounds like things are going well for the Wagners. Knocking on wood, fingers crossed, and thanking the Lord for a wonderful outcome at Bob's interview. Hey, any chance Ben will be on James' soccer team? Are you still coaching along with the Registrar duties? I volunteered to help with a newsletter, please let me know if you need help putting something together once teams are decided.

Denise said...

Cool pic of the kids! I enjoy reading your Daybooks.