Monday, August 8, 2011

Lisa's Logbook August 7 & 8

Started this yesterday but didn't finish. So you get partly today's answers and partly yesterday's - just to be confusing! lol

Current Mood: Cheerful and tired
Outside: dark, 70, raining
Wearing: Black tank, pink pj pants
Tunes: David made a CD of some of his stuff for us to listen to in the car.
Kids Are: 1 is in my bed, 1 is in his bed, 1 is on the computer, 1 is on X-box Live
Hubby Is: in bed reading the Bible
A Giggle: Laughed at a commercial - here it is. (I don't usually watch TV with commercials, so when I do, they're all new to me!)

Something New: Bought a set of double-12 dominos so the kids can play Chicken Foot. Also bought Farkle.
Something Yummy:  Fudge is tasty! Had some at Golden Corral.
Blessings: Got to spend a sunny afternoon at Lake Michigan
Reading: Current audiobook is Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Finished my other book and haven't picked out a new one yet.
Watching:  Friday Night Lights, Psych (finished season 5), The Adjustment Bureau, Who is Simon Miller?
Considering: Camping at a Lake Michigan campground next year. Also thinking exactly when I will teach the writing classes that have been requested this fall.
Working On: finishing up some soccer details and co-op details.
Accomplishments: Ran 5 miles twice (combination of jogging and walking), gave my mom a perm
Looking Forward to: Seeing a movie, scrapbooking, finishing my digital scrapbook and ordering it.
Pic: The kids with my parents. 

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Denise said...

Great picture of your kids & Mom & Dad!