Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lisa's Logbook - July 31

Current Mood: Cautiously relaxed
Outside: 87 and Sunny.
Wearing: black shorts, hot pink tank top, bare feet
Tunes: David played some of "his" music for me. Hmmm....
Kids Are: 1 is at a friend's house, 1 is scrubbing rust off her bike wheels, 1 is upstairs, 1 is bored
Hubby Is: helping the rust-scrubbing child
A Giggle: lots of laughs in The Tempest, which I saw with my book club at a park in Royal Oak last night
Something New: school supplies! LOVE buying those!
Something Yummy: Chicken chimichangas at Grand Azteca! Delicioso!
Blessings: Having someone to take over the uniform ordering process!
ReadingThe Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner (no relation); Current audiobook is Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
Watching:  Friday Night Lights, Source Code, A Shine of Rainbows

Considering: when the heck I am going to do lessons for the upcoming year!
Working On: printing out soccer rosters in preparation for coach meetings this week and also raising my Zuma Blitz score
Accomplishments: organizing the book club trip to Shakespeare in the Park, also got through co-op registration! Printed out all 37 soccer team rosters! Ran 2 miles without stopping at all!
Looking Forward to: swimming with friends twice this week, going away with the family over the weekend
Pics: Karate Tournament


Mrs.Haggie810 said...

Great job on the run! My record so far is 2.68 miles without stopping...nothing compared to some, but it's a lot to me! Sounds like you've accomplished a lot lately! That's awesome! I'm hoping to get some swimming in this week...I guess we'll see though! I'm planning on being at beach day again.

Wee Pip said...

Busy week! James looks very serious in the karate photo:) I hear ya about lesson planning. I make quick jots of ideas for lesson plans in between chasing the 2yo. Once she goes to bed, I have dh's novel to edit (which I'm not giving my full 100% either - I keep saying I'll do a bigger edit next time). Oh, remind me tho, because I'm learning a lot about the edit process and you'd probably be interested:) And I'd love to hear more about your progress in Global Gap. I have a lot I could talk about, but most likely if I saw you, I'd just stare at you blankly and say "duh". lol!