Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lisa's Logbook - July 24

Current Mood: a little unsettled
Outside: 81 and Sunny. Another hot week ahead, but not quite as hot as LAST week.
Wearing: khaki capris, red tank top, bare feet
Tunes: Daft Punk, also put some new tunes on my MP3 player
Kids Are: 1 is at a friend's house, 1 has a headache, 2 are upstairs
Hubby Is: looking at ads online
A Giggle: Lots of funny lines in Captain America! I laughed a lot - in the right way!
Something New: Got my hair cut chin-length. I love it. The family is not as appreciative. :-(
Something Yummy: Heath bar.... yummmmmmmmmy.....
Blessings:  Being able to read is a huge blessing!
Reading: The Girl in the Gatehouse by Julie Klassen & The Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner (no relation); Current audiobook is Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Watching:  Friday Night Lights, some of Matrix: Reloaded, Captain America
Considering: a trip to Lake Michigan or maybe camping. We have one free weekend in August and we're making some plans.
Working On: getting the soccer rosters completed, also finishing my digital scrapbook; going through my scrapping stuff to sell most of it.
Accomplishments: 10K training Week 5 (including a 4 mile run, the longest I've done so far!)
Looking Forward to: Shakespeare in the Park, seeing friends at registration
Pics: Once again, I have no pix to share. Sorry!


Denise said...

What? No hair pics? Is that why you are unsettled? ahh!! the suspense. Have a good week!

MICHELE said...

can't wait to see your new cut. i'm sure it's very cute.

i love heath bars, too!

see you on tuesday.