Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - November 14

Outside: Dark and cold.

Sounds: Movie on tv, David talking with me

Home: Trying for some organization and extra cleaning

Projects: NaNoWriMo is all I can handle for November, oh yeah and fundraising for the Regency Ball

Pondering: beginning my Christmas shopping

Teaching: Writing (novel writing, to be exact)

Gratitude: thankful for the discount grocery store near me
(I have a hard time being trivial here. I always want to say - friends, family, God....)

Recipes: Made lemon bars and key lime bars for the dessert banquet.

Duds: PJ's, robe, fuzzy striped pink socks

Reads: listening to Pride & Prejudice, reading A Smack on the Side of the Head

Vids: Life as We Know It (theater - predictable but good), Gone with the Wind part 2, Went with the Wind (Carol Burnett Show), The Losers

Hopes: a 5000 word day soon! Monday???

Love: seeing my kids so excited about writing! James met his goal today!

Plans: Working 4-5 hours M-F, co-op, lots of writing including a write-in


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