Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jumping Back In

I spent my energy teaching this week instead of blogging. LOL My goal was to jump right back into the routine on Monday and do a full week of lessons.

We did it! I didn't add in science for anyone except David, but we did all our other subjects. Even history, which has been a sticking point for us all year.

I decided to just move Emily on in math even though she still can't consistently do a couple of non-essential concepts. She needs to get on with the basics. So, who cares about the area of a parallelogram? Do YOU know how to do it without looking?

David had fun with the microscope again. He was catching up on some of his assignments from units before we got the scope. One of the things he looked at was algae, similar to the photo here. He seems to really enjoy his choice for literature - Tolkien's Silmarillion for literature. Challenging choice!

Suzy surprised me with her good attitude toward her phonics and reading. An older friend has been encouraging her with reading and hopefully that is helping. She also wanted to do Spelling (which I generally don't start until age 8 or 3rd grade) so we did a little Spelling also.

My speedy one is James. He plugs away at his work without distraction until it is finished. He is usually first to complete his assignments each day. He is reading Farmer Boy (and so is Emily, though it's easy for her) and seems to find it interesting. We are doing a free lapbook study to enhance the story.

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Denise said...

Fun to see what your kids are doing. I had forgotten that James picked "Farmer Boy" and think it's funny that Caleb picked that as his book this week, too. He has to read 20 minutes each day, which is a struggle for him. What do you guys do with reading?