Friday, October 16, 2009


David was planning to do a stop-motion animation class for art this year. (He is a freshman.) However, buying the materials we need has not been in the budget. So yesterday, when I read this entry on the Math-U-See blog, my interest was piqued.

So I went looking for Google Sketchup, thinking maybe it was something David would be interested in learning.

Wow! It's a FREE 3D computer modeling program. Of course, there is a Pro version that bears a hefty $500 pricetag, but the free version looks pretty darn useful.

David is enthralled with the idea of trying it out and designing some 3D models, starting with some cell phone prototypes he's been sketching on paper. This won't be the first 3D computer modeling he's worked with, though. Another great FREE program is the Lego Digital Designer. The car graphic to the left is a screenshot from LDD.

So, he will be practicing 3D computer modeling beginning very soon. The other kids will also have the opportunity to explore the program and what it can do. However, David plans to build a career around computer-aided design in some fashion, so this will be great experience for him.

As I was searching for some good illustrations for this blog, I noticed that a Google Sketchup for Dummies book has been published. I've just requested that at the library and hopefully it will prove useful.

Check out Google Sketchup. Even preschoolers can use this program, as evidenced by the winners of the contest referenced on the MUS blog. They had a category for children ages 0-5. See what you and your children can do with this program!

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This is very cool! Thanks for sharing.