Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NaNo Support?

So, you think it's great... this "NaNo thing" Lisa does. You couldn't possibly write a novel, though (or so you say).

But Lisa has your support though, right? You bring her coffee. Diet Coke. Chocolate. Hungry Howie's pizza with ham and black olives. Cheesecake. Taco Bell.

Of course, you read what she's written and offer helpful thoughts and unquestioning encouragement. You ask her how many words she's written today, this week, so far this month. You are full of amazed awe when she tells you, unless it's zero and then you firmly insist she sit down and write immediately.

Oh wait. What's that??

You don't?

You've never caffeinated her when she's droopy? You've never perked up her dismal mood by offering congratulations on her formidable word count? You've never offered her quiet sanctuary in which to write?

Remiss as you may have been these past two years, you now have the opportunity to make up for all those missed moments.

You can sponsor Lisa this year for NaNoWriMo.

All donations go to The Office of Letters and Light (the non-profit organization that sponsors NaNoWriMo every year), not to Lisa personally. Your donations help keep NaNoWriMo going, especially the Young Writers Program, which is close to Lisa's heart.

The continued operation and inspiration of The Office of Letters and Light is a very good thing. And every dollar will inspire me to write just a few more words. You can keep track of my progress and donate when you see me reach a certain milestone if you prefer. Right now the word count total is a sad deflated looking ZERO, but come November 1st, you will see that number begin to rise and steadily make its way to 50,000 words.

So, won't you please donate just a little today?

Or you could just decide to write your OWN novel this November!

Thanks for your support, no matter what form it takes!

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