Monday, October 26, 2009


A friend of mine works at the Palace of Auburn Hills and the employees were given some free tickets to distribute. We got a few so Suzy, James, and I headed down to the venue Thursday night for a Pistons game. Another friend and her son went along and we saw another family there we knew.

I haven't been to the Palace in quite a long time, probably before David was born. I can't remember going there for anything else. Since James is sports-oriented, I thought he'd enjoy it and Suzy also wanted to go. The older two were offered the chance, but turned it down.

We arrived in plenty of time and found our seats without mishap. They were WAAAAAYYYY up high. The Pistons did well in the first half, but the Timberwolves overtook them in the second half and won.

We had fun!

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~Byn There said...

Finally catching up with your blog. I love the snapshot pictures from soccer almost more than the posed ones. Seems like things are smoothing out for you. Hope your peace has been restored about the schooling situation. So excited for you about the Spanish classes, it's awesome how the schedule came together.

We finally made it to Young Marines last night. Saw Bob and James but missed your smiling face. Hubby told me you were doing a Tai Bo class. How cool, hope it was good.

Blessings my friend. I'll be checking on your NaNo status.
I'm going all fiction this year. Yikes! Let the fun begin.